GLEAM's Aims

GLEAM is an unincorporated non-profit-making association. Its objective is to ensure that unsurfaced highways in the countryside carrying public rights of way are preserved from damage caused by inappropriate use, particularly by recreational off-road motor vehicles of all kinds. This is to protect both the environment and the right of walkers, riders, pedal cyclists and horse-drawn carriages to use and enjoy Green Lanes in the manner to which they are entitled by law.

GLEAM seeks to achieve its objective:

  1. By lobbying Parliament for a change in legislation to extend the
    distinction between motorised and non-motorised vehicles (as exists for restricted
    byways) to unsurfaced tracks where motor vehicular rights currently exist, and
    which are vulnerable to damage from such use.
  2. By pressing (more immediately) for improved highway management, and urging the Government:
    • to simplify and cheapen the process of making Traffic Regulation Orders, and to encourage their wider use;
    • to introduce legislation whereby the public may appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against a highway authority’s repeated refusal to apply a Traffic Regulation Order;
    • to make additional funds available to highway authorities for the
      repair of damaged Green Lanes;
    • to urge highway authorities, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service
      and the magistrates’ courts to use their existing powers more effectively in protecting the environment and the rights of non-motorised users.

To further these aims, GLEAM will use whatever means of publicity may be available to inform members of the public, of local authorities and of Parliament of the present deficiencies in the law, with the object of enlisting their support.

GLEAM is not affiliated to any other organisation, but works closely with all who share the above aims. GLEAM cannot undertake an advisory service in individual cases, but introductions can be made, if requested, to recommended specialist professional advisers, or to other members who may be prepared to help. Conversely, members are invited to advise if they can help in this way. Please refer to Contact Us page.