How to contact us

GLEAM aims to protect public paths from unnecessary damage.

We are unable to assist non-members but we can give members general advice on Rights of Way matters. We do not have the resources to take up individual cases, but members can be introduced to specialist professional advisers or to other members who may be able to help.

If you are experiencing problems with damage to green lanes or with the classification or mis-use of BOATs, Restricted Byways, bridleways or footpaths, and would like to become a member, please either:-

email us at (click to email us).

or write to:    GLEAM
PO Box 159
LS21 9BT

or telephone 01423 771713

Our subscription rates are:-

Individual and household: an annual subscription of £10.

Organisations: an annual subscription of £15.

Life membership: a donation of at least £50.

We rely entirely on donations and subscriptions. If you would like to support us please click this button to fill out and print a joining form.