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The use of Traffic Regulation Orders to restrict motor vehicle use of green lanes – Updated May 2016

Scale of Application Maps – Revised May 2013

Evidence of motor vehicular use under the NERC Act 2006 – Updated August 2012 and (in part) 2016
including the 5 year test, UCRs and pre-1930 rights

Which way to the High Court: Statutory Application or Judicial Review?- September 2010

Public Nuisance and Dedication – February 2010

The NERC Act in Practice – Revised June 2009

Basic Guide to Claim Fighting – Revised April 2009

Enforcement – April 2009
with statutory text appendixes

Police Reform Act 2002 – Updated April 2009
A practical guide to the use of s59

DEFRA’s Guidance Version 5 – May 2008
Link to Defra’s Version 5 of the guidance to the NERC Act and Restricted Byways