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Action by GLPG to reduce the impact of off-roading

April 2016

In the enactment of the Deregulation Act 2015 GLPG was very active in pushing for an amendment to reduce the impact of off-roading. The objective was to classify some or all green lanes (Unsealed Unclassified County Roads, or UUCRs) as restricted byways. For complex reasons, the amendment was withdrawn in exchange for a promise by the Government to resurrect the Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) whose years of work had resulted in a section in the 2015 Act, short but jealously guarded by Defra as drafted. The intended phoenix was popularly to be known as ‘SWG2′, and GLPG was expecting to have a seat at the table, to be occupied by our member Peak District Green Lanes Alliance (PDGLA). Together with able assistance from Yorkshire Dales GLA, they have been spearheading the battle against highly damaging off-roading in the Peak District National Park. Regrettably an axe descended on SWG2 in the form of the current Government Spending Review, but the phoenix is not dead yet.