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BOAT Cul-de-Sacs

All over the country there are many BOATs which end as cul-de-sacs for motor vehicles. These BOATs may start where they leave a normal tarmac road or another BOAT; but they become a cul-de-sac at the other end where they can only be exited onto a Restricted Byway or some lesser Right of Way. The number of these BOAT cul-de-sacs greatly increased following NERC Act, when all remaining RUPPs became Restricted Byways. In the Unitary Authority of West Berkshire alone, which is a small area compared with many counties, there are 13 such BOAT cul-de-sacs.

Following requests from GLEAM, the West Berkshire Council has now put up signs at the start of all these BOATs which end as cul-de-sacs, saying that there is no through route for motor vehicles X miles ahead. A photograph of one of these signs is shown here.

Other local authorities are now being pressed to put up similar signs in their own areas.